Miner Webster – Head Basketball Coach at Highland HS
(480) 747-7246
Miner Webster

  • 2014 inductee into the AZ Coach’s Hall of Fame.
  • 2012 NHSCA Coach of the Year
  • With over 700 wins, Coach Webster is second on Arizona’s all-time girls’ basketball coaching victories list

James Parker – Former Lead Scout for the WNBA
(602) 358-1986
James Parker

  • Founder: an NCAA Compliant Scouting Service
  • Coach: Arizona Bluestar Club Team

Master Chaz Turner – Head Striking Coach at Power MMA & Fitness
(602) 999-0809
Master Chaz Turner

  • 6th Dan in TKD
  • 5th Dan in Combat Hapkido
  • Dan in Daito Ryu Aiki Ju jutsu
  • Creator of Advanced Combat Tactics
  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee.

Dana Hawkins – President of the Arizona Bluestar Traveling Basketball Team
(480) 444-6662
Dana Hawkins

  • President: Arizona Bluestar Basketball